DSS Recruitment Scandal: Presidency "Official" Reacts

So it's now that Muhammadu Buhari and DSS Lawal Daura, both from Katsina, are in charge that the "system" remember to do balancing? In other words they want Nigerians to believe that Ekiti, Akwa Ibom, Lagos, etc has more people in DSS than Katsina and Kano? Sigh!

The presidency, through the back door, responded to report about the widespread lopsidedness in the latest recruitment exercise by the Department of Security Service (DSS).

It was reported on Friday by Premium Times how the DSS loaded its agency with more people from the North than from the South of Nigeria in its 2016 recruitment.

So lopsided was the hiring that more people were employed from President Buhari’s Katsina State alone (51) than from all the South-east states combined (44). Katsina is also also the home state of the Director General of the SSS, Lawal Daura.

A breakdown of the newly commissioned cadet officers on geopolitical basis revealed that 165 are from the North-west, about four times more than those picked from the South-south (42).

The figures for the other zones are North-east 100, North-central 66, South-west 57.

But the presidency claimed the recruitment details were analysed out of context.

The presidency’s reaction was made through an unnamed official who only discreetly distributed a statement to select journalists. But this is not the usual means of reacting to media reports and public outrage by the presidency.

The unsigned statement claimed that the secret police deliberately employed fewer southerners to correct previous ‘inequity’ against the northern part of the country.

The presidency, however, did not provide details of which states were under-represented before.


  1. Dem just dey do as dem like! God dey..

  2. nonsense..the buhari and lawal should bury there heads in shame..this is not the nigerian way and such will be resisted next time because this is high class nepotism which has tainted his government

  3. Nonsense can two wrongs make a right? Give the statistics of the past.Beside must follow the footsteps of those people you considered corrupted people. Smh see nonsense reaction.

  4. Absolutely rubbish, they did that to correct previous inequity against the Northern part of the country, what about the inequity against the South-South, the finger that is feeding you. That reason is lame

  5. Oladimeji Seun29 April, 2017 08:49


  6. And people are loosing their jobs everyday and as well looking for jobs. Secret recruitment....... This is wickedness

  7. Mtchw!! Rubbish

  8. Hassan Aderemi29 April, 2017 10:58

    Hope we get it right in Nigeria in one day.

  9. The are born to rule, the will soon be born to die.

  10. 'Remi Abioye29 April, 2017 12:03

    To convince Nigerians, let the Service give us a State-by-State breakdown of its personnel after the so-called BALANCING exercise.

  11. Arrant nonsense..

  12. Olufamous are very proud of urself now?See the rigime you guys worked day and night to hoist on poor gaulibble Nigerians,,Now na morning by the time these Katsina clique are done with us Naija name go don change to Katsinaija...don't worry more are comming,watch out!!


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