Every Day Issues with Olu Famous: Where Is Our Money?

Hi everyone, time has come for me to birth this beautiful idea I've been working on for over a year. A lot happened to distract me, but here we are today, starting an interesting Video Blog series.

What's Every Day Issues with Olu Famous all about?

Over the years, I've observed happenings that felt like anomalies in my heart and I've been seeking answers deep down as I move from one stage to the next in life.

Of a truth, life is about perspectives, but there's a lot that our society is contending with on a daily basis and these ISSUES are drifting many from the critical goals of a life worth living.

From Politics to the Economy, Entertainment to Religion and the Family, we need a rapid shift from the prevailing order with a view to forcing our way into a better paradigm.

What can we do as a people to usher in a better order?
These and more are the questions I'll be finding answers to by sharing my thoughts through in-dept romancing of the issues confronting us both as individuals and as a people.

For the good of society, Every Day Issues with Olu Famous will be dropping videos every week with a flash on where we are coming from, where we are today and the direction we should be heading in order to restore sanity in our political terrain, social space and family life.

Are you ready to be Challenged? Do you want to hear the Truth? Will you be willing to Change?

If yours answers are in the affirmative, then come with Olu Famous as we journey together in what promises to be a mind-transforming experience that would lead to a better you and saner society.

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To See My First Video, Click Here >> WHERE IS OUR MONEY?