Faces Of 4 Ladies Having S*x With Man Who Died During The Act In Lagos

A 29-yr-old man, Olanimu Babatunde, also known as Kokomaster, died of exhaustion after having an all-night s*x romp with no fewer than four ladies in his house on Thomas Street, Lagos Island.

His s*x partners, now answering questions on the man’s curious death from the police, claimed that they never knew Olanimu was dead until around 4am on the fateful day when they realized he no longer responded to their touch.

“We thought he was enjoying it, so we were taking turns and just having fun. It was when we realized he was no longer responding that we screamed,” one of the suspects told the police.

An eyewitness identified as Jide, who rushed to the scene when he heard the girls screaming, said: “The girls, who were already intoxicated at that time, said they thought he was enjoying it, so they kept going on taking turns and just having fun. It was when they noticed that he wasn’t breathing that they started screaming.

“People rushed into the deceased’s apartment to find the four undressed girls and his lifeless body. They immediately alerted the police, who came few minutes later to arrest the suspects.”


  1. Replies
    1. I have had wonderful threesomes in my days in school......but a "fivesome" is taking it too far
      BJ Bonji (NJ)

  2. Nawa o! Wata don pass garri..

  3. Is like the man had a health related issue that caused his death.

  4. Is that not what the man wanted?

  5. Hassan Aderemi03 April, 2017 20:03

    The pics is blurred, we can hardly see their faces, their best food & has sent their partner to grave & might send them to prison too.

  6. Funny indeed...
    Four ladies!!!....
    May God have mercy...

  7. Wetin the girls do wrong?
    Suspects of wetin?
    Suspects of fucking?
    Dem take the man by force, dem take knife or any other weapon kill the man?
    Here goes jungle judiciary.

  8. So what becomes of them now.

  9. koko what.... hm no even koko at all......
    wetin police wan do wit d girls na

  10. I have had wonderful threesomes...but a "five some" is taking it too far


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