Faces of suspects in assassination attempt of Dino Melaye

The police said they had arrested six (6) members of the notorious gang responsible for the attack of Senator Dino Melaye at his residence in Kogi state.

The names of the suspects were given as;
i. Taofiq Isah ‘M’ 54 years principal suspect (Hon. Chairman Ijumu LGA Kogi State)
ii. Ade Obage ‘M’ 29 years
iii. Abdullahi Isah a.k.a Eko ‘M’ 32 years
iv. Ahmed Ajayi ‘M’ 45 years
v. Michael Bamidele ‘M’ 26 years
vi. Ex- Sgt Ede James ‘M’ 35 years (Orderly to Chairman of ijumu LGA Kogi State at the time of the attack)

Items recovered included one Hyundai Ambulance bus allegedly used in conveying the attackers, five AK 47 rifles, One Beretta pistol and two locally made single barrel shot guns. Others were 25 expended shells of 7.62 mm ammunition, 13 expended shells of 9mm ammunition and 12 expended shells of gauge...

Investigation is still ongoing.


  1. he is even his own towns man when dino was busy accusing belllo of trying to kill him so as not to raise dust over non payment of workers salaries..thumbs up to the police for a job welldone

  2. Including local government, Woooow that's so serious, let's the law take its position

  3. They are going to make their home in prison

  4. Gud dey were caught..

  5. Thank God they never succeed.

  6. Hmmmmmmmm mm.......... That's aiiiiit

  7. No perpetrators shall go Scott free

  8. Before we judge the matter let them explain their side of the story before the law court.

  9. Can assassinator assassinate an assassin?


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