Female Student Left Her Hostel For A Party In Lagos Island, Goes Missing

This pretty lady is missing. According to her friend, Medese: 
"My friend Odeleye Remilekun has been Missing upper week Friday. She was last seen when leaving her hostel in gbagada to a house party on the island with a friend.

I'm her very close friend but we do not stay together. I only noticed she's missing on friday after several attempts to reach her on the phone was not successful. I reached out to our other friends and the story was the same.

I also got calls from her sister then i decided to go look for her at home and her work place where she's learning fashion designing. On getting to her house, I got the information she left home since Friday for a party and DAT was the last heard from her.

Pls anybody who happens to see her at the party or the venue or anywhere since that day, should pls reach out to us her friends. Her mother, a widow, is in a very bad state. Who ever is holding her pls have mercy."


  1. Pls lord protect her wherever she is. Let her return home safely.

  2. Hassan Aderemi09 April, 2017 18:09

    We hope she has not been kidnapped or held hostage for ritual purpose, ladies should learnt to be patience, jumping from one party to another because of daily bread is not the best. The announcer did not disclose any phone number or address if she is found by somebody who might not have the contact address of her friends or the widow mother.We pray she is found soon & alive

  3. Report the issue to the police pls

  4. i pray she is safe and returns back home soon

  5. Oladimeji Seun09 April, 2017 22:35

    Hope she is alive o.

  6. Hope she's found..


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