Footballer Turns Robber after Losing Out of Nigeria's Team

29yrs old James Udobong, an Akwa Ibom State indigene, had always nursed a dream all his entire life – becoming a footballer for Nigeria’s national team.

After training as hard as he could in 2003, Udobong found his way to Abuja, to participate in an Under-17 trial. His hopes were high, energy feverish, but he was dealt a soul-crushing blow.

Udobong was not picked. And so ended his hope of ever becoming a football star.

To survive, he was repairing phones at the popular Wuse Market but soon, he could no longer pay his shop rent, according to claims.

According to Punch, thus started Udobong’s journey to the criminal world of phone robbery.

He was one of many robbery, kidnapping and fraud suspects rounded up by the Abba Kyari-led Inspector-General of Police Response Team, recently in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, for terrorising the residents.

Udobong said after he could no longer make ends meet, a friend suggested that he followed him to Transcorp Hilton and other five star hotels in Abuja, where they could target customers who were drunk in order to steal their phones.

He said, “My friend also taught me how to place orders online for expensive mobile phones. We tell the dealers that we were buying the phones on behalf of a prominent politician lodged in any of the five-star hotels we choose to use.

“When the dealer makes delivery, we take him to a floor of the hotel and take the phones inside a door under the guise of delivering it to the politician but the dealer wouldn’t know that door leads through a staircase downstairs.

“Usually, after taking the phone, I jump inside a waiting taxi in the ground floor and leave the hotel. But in my last operation, I brought the dealer to Transcorp and asked him to wait outside the room in order to show the phone to my principal. I got into a lift and went to the ground floor. But I was arrested by waiting security men at the hotel.”

Udobong was handed over to the police who recovered all the phones he stole from the dealer – iPhone, Infinix Note, two tablets and two Samsung Galaxy phones. Heading to prison.


  1. Oladimeji Seun29 April, 2017 11:54

    Good, nemesis caught him up.

  2. His excuse is not good enough

  3. too bad. stealing is not an option

  4. Very day for d thief one day for d owner

  5. Wish you say journey to prison nigga.instead your story to end well you rewrite your story with greed.

  6. that wasnt the only way to be successful and accomplished,what a waste now..your cup of tea

  7. Wasted dreams very very unfortunate

  8. Y give up after jst one trial, u chose stealing as ur nxt option. What a pity

  9. When ur cup is full sure nemesis wl caught up to u.The sweat of the dealer wl never go in vain


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