FOR REAL? 2017 Budget Missing... Goje says police took it, Reps gives 24hrs ultimatum

Another despicable drama is playing out on the head of Nigeria's 2017 budget. The House of Reps has given Nigerian Police 24 hours to return all documents relating to the 2017 appropriation bill allegedly carted away from the residence of senator Danjuma Goje.

Why is Nigeria's budget in the private house of a Senator? No office in National Assembly? 

The House also condemned in strong terms the invasion of Goje’s residence by security operatives on April 20. This was due to a motion raised at the plenary by Abubakar Ahmad (Gombe-APC).

Recalled that a special team of officers from the Force Headquarters, Abuja had on April 20 carried out a raid on the Asokoro residence of Senator Goje, a former governor of Gombe State.

While raising the motion, Ahmad said security agents destroyed doors, bags, ceilings, soakaways and took away documents including reports of the 2017 appropriation bill which was scheduled to be laid before both chambers of the National Assembly during the week.

The proposed budget was initially slated to be passed before the end of March 2017 but the Senate later gave a May 5 deadline for the passage.

“The gestapo manner in which the security agents invade private residences in the course of carrying out their duties is causing apprehension in the minds of citizens”

“Unless steps are taken to halt these extra-legal actions, the nation may descend to a near fascist state,” Hon. Ahmad claimed.

He also raised concerns that the budget may not be passed as scheduled.

“Now that the documents are in their (the police) possession, how do we proceed? We have to curb the excesses of these security agents before it gets out of hand,” he said.

Also contributing to the debate, Hon. Herman Hembe (Benue-APC) said it is unfortunate that a senator of the federal republic will have his house broken into by security agents.

Mr. Hembe said he was particularly worried for ordinary citizens if a senator could be so treated.

“We must condemn this act in its entirety” he said.

The House unanimously agreed to set up an ad-hoc committee to invite the Inspector-General of Police to appear before it to explain what warranted the invasion and to tell the House the laws that backed the force to carry out such operations.

The committee is to report back in two weeks for further legislative action.


  1. Everyday drama

  2. They have come again they had better look for it

  3. Wy do Nigeria police act anyhow.no common sense.

  4. Enter your comment...Ann.B.kd.missing budget path 2.

  5. Dis pple are really playing with our brain

  6. Bunch of useless thieves,God is watchin..continu.

  7. very annoying indeed..why should a senator take the national budget to his house,are there no offices he can keep it in in the national assembly..we are tired of this budget drama and police unecessary raids..we demand it be brought out soonest as our people cant suffer non payments of money cuz of one foolish senator and his carelessness..na wetin


  9. Hassan Aderemi26 April, 2017 22:09

    Again? That's serious!

  10. what were the documents doing in his house didn't they accused magu of taken official documents to his house?
    Bunches of thieves.

  11. It's not the first time. We are use to it.

  12. Why should his house searched in first place.

  13. Unending drama in ds government..


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