FOR REAL? Bride who disappeared on wedding dated her man for 7 years

Days after the weeding between Miss Taiwo Orimoloye and Mr. Abiodun Isaac was stalled due to the alleged disappearance of the bride, the whereabouts of the bride is still unknown.

Taiwo failed to show up for the church service of her wedding ceremony on Saturday in Ondo town, thereby causing confusion for her family and the groom’s family.

Many guests who were said to have traveled from far places to witness the occasion, left the venue disappointed following the controversial disappearance of the bride.

A source in the groom’s family told Punch that the bride did not show any sign that she would do such a thing, saying the incident was a shock to both families.

He said Taiwo and Biodun had been dating for almost 7 years without any disagreement between them, adding that they both finished from the Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo.

The source said, “The incident is still a mystery to everybody because both families have been having a smooth relationship. She had never dated anybody apart from Abiodun. She is a very good girl and both families consented to their union. There was no disagreement from any party.

“She did not show any sign that she would cancel the wedding. We were all at the church, expecting her. Even her father did not believe what happened because I don’t think she told her parents of her plan to boycott the wedding.

“They did not quarrel; both of them still spoke on the telephone on the eve of the wedding day. She did not give him any sign. She has not switched on her phone; we don’t know where she is.”

A source from Taiwo’s family said her mother had been discharged from the hospital where she was admitted to after collapsing due to shock.

Her father was said to have raised a search party to look for her.


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  2. mysteripus indeed..has she been abducted or spiritually concealed..only God knows

  3. Something is wrong somewhere.

  4. Oladimeji Seun11 April, 2017 14:49

    Hmm, Its only God know what happen to her. May God spear her life o.

  5. Fake people, let's all be.mindful of them


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