BREAKING: Presidency Returns All Items Police Took From Senator Goje's House

Looks like national assembly is having their way blackmailing the Presidency, all in the guise of Missing 2017 Budget. The presidency just made the police to release all items they took from the house of Senator Danjuma Goje in the course of their LEGITIMATE duty. Hmmm!

See the full letter below...

What do we make of this?


  1. This senate is the house of blackmailers

  2. Now that it has been returned, can we have progress with the budget pls

  3. na wa o..this is really amazing

  4. Is this how to run a country?. Why fall prey to cheap black mail?. Everything is obviously wrong in this country. Those monies are stolen funds for crying out loud!!!

  5. The Senate always have their way

  6. Why the invasion in the first place? Police are very selfish for their actions. Now you are ordered to return all the items. This government is becoming childish.


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