FOR REAL? Sacked Female NNPC MD Linked To Billions Discovered By EFCC

Sources have revealed that the $50m uncovered in a residential house located at Osborne Towers, Ikoyi, by the EFCC belongs to the sacked Managing Director, Operations at the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Esther Nnamdi-Ogbue.

Madam Esther was sacked alongside three top MDs at the NNPC over the ‘missing’ petrol scandal involving Capital Oil & Gas Nigeria Limited owned by businessman, Ifeanyi Ubah.

Recall that it was reported that there was so much money in Esther's house that her cook absconded with cash and jewelry worth $6million. Now more details are coming...

According to SR, the cook, Mr. Gabel Segbedji, a national of Benin Republic, took off with the loot in a Toyota Camry car, which also belonged to her.

The EFCC operation leading to the discovery was followed by a whistle blower's confidential alert received by the anti-graft agency in the early hours of Wednesday.

The breakdown of the money found in the house is $43.4million, £27,800 and N23.2million.

According to the source, the movers of the bags made believe that they were bringing in bags of clothes. Another source who is conversant with the apartment of interest indicated that a woman usually appears on different occasions with Ghana-Must-Go bags.

"She comes looking haggard, with dirty clothes but her skin didn't match her outward appearance, perhaps a disguise," the source said.

On getting to the building, operatives met the entrance door locked. Guards at the gate explained that nobody resides in the apartment, but some persons come in and out once in a while.

In compliance with the magisterial order contained in the warrant, the EFCC used minimum force to gain entrance into the apartment, the agency said.

Monies were found in two of the four-bedroom apartment. A further search of the wardrobe by operatives in one of the rooms was found to be warehousing three fireproof cabinets disguisedly hidden behind wooden panels of the wardrobe. Upon assessing the content of the cabinets, neatly arranged were US dollars, British pound sterling, and some naira notes in sealed wrappers.

Preliminary findings indicate that the funds are suspected to be proceeds of unlawful activity. 

The facility is said to be owned by ex-PDP Chairman, Adamu Mu’azu. Investigations are ongoing. 


  1. e No funny again ooo.... Nigerians are just unlucky with d calibres of leaders we had under GEJ... EFCC are really working hard now...

  2. they must be punished thoroughly!!!

  3. jesus christ! wetin we do una,people are dieing cuz of this money they are stealing like its there right..God help us oo

  4. God will punish all this looters

  5. Oladimeji Seun13 April, 2017 09:40

    Hmm, this people don nearly finish this country.

  6. Ole barawo may God punish you

  7. People at the helm of affairs are looting our money right, left n centre.

  8. I don't know how this people will be forgiven...i watched the pictures and cried for my country the people counting the money were sweating like Christmas goat for God sake,what will a woman do with that huge some of money when people are dying of hunger shame on her and may God punish anybody who support this

  9. Hassan Aderemi13 April, 2017 10:54

    The cook, who absconded with her & cash worth of $6m will be happy now that his former boss is caught probably for looting the money too. This woman mean oooo but if her subordinate is caught stealing N10,000 she will be one of the people calling him/her thief, whereas she is something else.

  10. Corporate thieves at the arm of affairs, its has eaten deep into us

  11. Looting of the national cake everywhere

  12. Awón olé játíjátí..

  13. Jona jona jona how many times I call you?

  14. What a man can do a woman can do better


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