Forget Fight Against Corruption; Buhari Is Just A Noisemaker – Ex-Gov Lamido

Immediate past governor of Jigawa State, Sule Lamido has described the President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption war as a mere 'noise'.

Lamido, while speaking with the BBC Hausa Service yesterday, said President Buhari could not be passed as a saint because he was “equally corrupt when he served under the late Sani Abacha.”

Buhari had served as chairman of the defunct Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF) which was established by Abacha in 1994 to provide critical infrastructure across the country.

“He (Buhari) worked under Abacha; in fact he was the closest to the late military ruler and when it comes to corruption, everybody knows where Abacha’s government stands,” Lamido said.

“Buhari is just making noise; there’s no iota of truth in the so-called commitment to improvement of security and halting graft in the country”, he added.

Lamido, who was reacting to the recent discovery of huge amount of money in an apartment in Ikoyi wondered why the anti-graft agency was yet to trace the real owner of the money.

He said, “It’s unthinkable to say that the EFCC had discovered huge monies (nearly N15 billion) in a building (Osborne Towers) in Lagos but could not track the real owner. Who leaked the story? Who did the source say is the owner of the find?

“No reasonable person will believe that there is no safe for the NIA (which claimed ownership) to keep its money but a private residence in Lagos; those in position of authority should always have the courage to tell the led the truth because leadership is sacred.”


  1. How can he say Buhari is just a noise maker. Anyway he's entitle to his opinion

  2. Keep quite there, you will forever remain an ex, why won't you say so when all your plot to get on bored failed, failed governor

  3. Enter your comment...ariwo kan ni musik ooo

  4. hmmmmm..see finishing but to be honest your own principal GEJ did he do any better fine buhari might not fully be committed to the fight against corruption but we have recovered alot of our money you greedh idiots went there to steal rather than steal..God will flush you all out surely

  5. his own opinion

  6. when u are corrupt you think all fingers are equal. we know u have a case pending with EFCC including your Son. Abinkunya


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