Fulani Herdsmen Again? Allegedly Kill 10 Farmers

About 10 Tiv farmers in Div and Alaba kindred, Kwande Local Government of Benue State, were reportedly killed by suspected Fulani herdsmen in a deadly raid yesterday.

According to reports, the herdsmen stormed the villages on Sunday evening and continued the raids on Monday. They sacked the entire kindred and took over farmlands and houses.

At the end of the attack, ten bodies were recovered while some were still missing.

It was gathered the herdsmen had completely taken over some compounds in some parts of the villages. This is the third attack in one month on Kwande.

A 15-year-old boy, Teghtegh Nor, was injured in Ikyoawen. He, however, managed to escape with the help of his father, Mr. Nor, who took him to the hospital.

Community leader, Chief Adom Unande, said the victim went to get foodstuff from his compound when he was shot.

According to him, the herdsmen sacked the people, took over their houses and stole foodstuff. 

"Teghtegh and his dad went to their compound to get foodstuff to feed others who are displaced. On getting there, they saw herdsmen with pickup van stealing their yams, millet and beans. The herdsman on guard opened fire on sighting Teghtegh before they drove away with the foodstuff.
“His father took him to the clinic where he is being treated,” Unande said.

A policeman, who pleaded for anonymity, said they are aware of the crisis in moon district but governors of Benue and Taraba States were handling it.

Police spokesman Moses Yamu, who confirmed the incident, said only two people were killed and their bodies had been deposited at NKST hospital mortuary.

He added that mobile policemen have been deployed in the area and investigation has begun.


  1. Since president Buhari doesn't want to anything to stop the killing, let them continue,we will soon leave Nigeria for the fulanis

  2. They should deal with these people once and for all.

  3. fulani herdsmen..a serious menace these days..some drastic measures have to be taken

  4. This is serious..... Seriously, idon't what to say again

  5. God will punish this fulani people!

  6. And we keep acting like nothing is happening when its obvious we are not well as a nation

  7. Yet d fools in d helm of affair won't do nothing.things getting worse

  8. Oladimeji Seun04 April, 2017 12:46

    God save us from this series of killing everyday o.

  9. Oh my God! is there nothing that can be done concerning security in that area

  10. Ds is just 2 much..

  11. Fulani herdsmen should be dealt with and forgotten for good..


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