Funny Tale Of How A Pregnant Lady Extorted Money From People At A Bank

A dramatic incident that took place on Friday as shared by Jeff Obinani online...
We were in the bank suddenly I notice a pregnant woman whose water bag has just busted, I ask her why she was here that she suppose to be at the hospital by now, she said she came to withdraw some money for the hospital bills but the bank ask her to bring her BVN now BVN cannot be done in couple of minute anymore. 
I ask people to support and help this pregy woman lo and behold Nigeria with our generosity we started contribution money for her we were able to gather over 20k she left quickly because people around are not comfortable with her condition in the bank, the security man held her hand and arrange a taxi for her then she left.

What happened next:
I was ask to come down stairs and re-park by the security man, if you have been in Diamond bank awolowo road you will know that all the down floors are car park.
Back to the banking Hall I notice the way people were talking has became noisy, some are even looking at me like I did something wrong.

What happened :

A man was coming to the bank and saw the security man holding the pregnant woman while coming out, he took his time to look at this woman until the woman left with cab.
When he came into the banking Hall he openly ask, 'Please did that pregnant woman seek for money?' [People said yes] At the end the man said she just came out from GTBANK and they gather about 50k for her.

Please what should We call this? I'm not even sure if she's really pregnant. Lolz!


  1. Habaa naija and their useless brains to dupe

  2. Olufamous, call it anything, I believe this more better for her than to steal or jump in to Lagos lagoon. Nobody knows what she's going through. May God bless Nigeria

  3. hahahahahah nigerians are too much

  4. Wtf!!!So Dis Is Their New Strategy Of Extortin Money From generous Individuals...Okay Ooo

  5. Adagiri Augustine02 April, 2017 07:52

    We can call this another strategies/method of stealing. With this kind of act now....it has bcome difficute to know who realy need help.

  6. Wtf! So Dis Is The New Strategy They Use To Extract Money Frm Generous Unsuspectin Individuals?!Hmm

  7. hahahaha. since u guys cant dash her the money on a normal ground so she used her head!

  8. These are desperate times and people are so desperate. But it is not an excuse for one to behave like these

  9. Recession is really biting hard, people are busy devising means of surviving at the expense of others, man steps on man just to climb the ladder.

  10. Oladimeji Seun02 April, 2017 09:59

    That is call fine Bara. Nigerians are so full of curnny tactics.

  11. Lol, pple will use every means 2 get money.

  12. Ultimate scammer


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