Governor's Men Fight Dirty Over Demoted Headmistress

A verbal war is said to have ensued in the political camp of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia over the recent demotion of a headmistress to classroom teacher by the state government.

The headmistress of a primary school at Amaetiti Asaga Ohafia, located in Abia-North Senatorial District, Mrs. Maryellen Ezichi, was reportedly demoted to a classroom teacher for demanding the payment of the backlog of salary arrears owed teachers when the wife of the governor, Mrs. Nkechi Ikpeazu, visited the school to inaugurate the government’s free meal programme.

The first salvo was reportedly fired on Monday by
Don Ubani, Gov. Ikpeazu’s kinsman from Abia-North and the Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Abia State, who accused the governor’s appointees from Abia-North of not doing enough to protect the governor and his wife in the “hostile” Abia-North.

He said, “No adviser worth his salt will advise or encourage the wife of his principal to stray into a domain, whose hatred and hostility against their principal, are not in any way hidden.”

But Ubani’s comment appeared to have infuriated the Deputy Speaker, Abia House of Assembly, Cosmos Ndukwe, also a close political associate of Ikpeazu, who accused him of “unwittingly” declaring Abia-North an enemy’s territory of the governor.

Ndukwe, who hails from Abia-North, replied saying, “Don Ubani, arrogating to himself the monopoly of wisdom, has unwittingly declared Abia-North an enemy territory, so much that Governor Okezie Ikpeazu deserves hatred and hostility from the zone. As lost as I am in thought, I can say with utmost certainty that Don Ubani is perfecting the art of divisive and mindless geo-sectional politics which he has been orchestrating all the while for grossly selfish reasons.”

The should just allow the innocent headmistress to back to her work and leave the drama.


  1. just reinstate her back as headmistress and pay all backlog of owed arrears rather than hatred for a region or not after all what she said isnt bad at all

  2. How on earth will one foolish man demote a headmistress after so many years in service to a classroom teacher. God will also demote whoever played a role in this. the fact that you are a gov today is not the end of the world. we have seen presidents who today are worthless. karma is a bitch remember

  3. Oladimeji Seun05 April, 2017 14:58

    This so call politician hate truth talk. they were only concern about their pocket.

  4. They are seeking favours instead of tackling the plight of the woman...

  5. Hassan Aderemi05 April, 2017 19:14

    Have they cancel freedom of expression in Abia state or no more fundamental human right as it is enshrined in the Federal Republic of Nigeria constitution or Abia state is not part of Nigeria any longer? All these questions are begging for answers, it's only in the absent of those questions raised that a Governor will just demote a headmistress for demanding for their right.

  6. Do d right thing mr governor

  7. Dey should jst settle things ammicably

  8. They should just reinstate her back to her positions the headmistress and stop elongating issues

  9. Politicians using power anihow..


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