Gunmen Shot Policeman Dead In Beer Parlour, Steal Rifle

About a week after a policeman lost his service rifle to some gunmen, another policeman has been attacked and killed by unidentified hoodlums in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State capital.

The unnamed policeman was reportedly killed in a beer parlour in the state capital.

It was learnt that the hoodlums stole a police AK-47 rifle after murdering the cop at one of the relaxation spots on Hospital Road area of the state.

The incident, which occurred on Sunday, reportedly created pandemonium. Many restaurants were reported to have been shut and other commercial activities grounded.

A source said the policeman went to the beer parlour to enjoy himself. But unknown to the victim, hoodlums, who were interested in his rifle, had joined him at the bar, pretending as customers.

He said, “After taking some bottles of beer, the policeman stood up and went to the backyard to urinate, while clutching to his rifle. The gang followed him to the backyard where they attacked and killed him. They fled with his gun.’’

It was learnt that the police later raided shanties occupied by prostitutes in the area, in a bid to apprehend the fleeing hoodlums.


  1. guts of some criminals shaa..bad news for people living around that area..that will be the new home of the police for days

  2. All is well...

    May he rest in peace...

  3. It's a pity he met his death but I can attribute this to a negligence of duty

  4. Wht wil a policeman b doing in a beer parlor with a rifle?dis pple needs orientation

  5. Oladimeji Seun19 April, 2017 15:14

    Unprofessional act of the policeman. RIP.

  6. Gross professional misconduct of a uniformed Policeman.He dug his grave.

  7. Bayelsan bandit, vs police officer vs bear parlour.


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