Hyundai Motors slashes prices of Nigeria-made vehicles

Hyundai Motors Nigeria Limited has cut the prices of its locally made vehicles in the B-segment, in a move expected to increase the number of brand new small vehicles on the nation’s road.

A statement by the spokesman, Santhosh Nair, said a starting price offer of N2,695,000 had been announced for Hyundai cars in that category as part of 2017 Hyundai Grand Savings Bonanza.

The statement quoted the Head, Sales and Marketing of the company, Mr. Jatin Nadkarni, as saying this had been restricted to select models such as Hyundai i10, Grand Xcent and Accent.

He added that this could be extended to other models in the Hyundai line-up.

He said, “Stallion Hyundai Motors Nigeria is determined to cushion imminent scarcity of functional B segment cars and mitigate price increase of cars owing to last year’s prohibition of used vehicle import through the land borders. The offer also gives customers to buy the desired Hyundai models during this Easter festive season.”

Nadkarni said, “Buyers of these three homemade models are offered free registration and free service for six months or 10,000km, whichever is earlier."