Jonathan cries out: Buhari’s government harassing my family

*Names those who betrayed him
Former President Goodluck Jonathan believes that his family is being hounded by the government of President Muhammadu Buhari.

He said he lost the 2015 election because he was betrayed by the former National Chairman of the PDP, Alhaji Adamu Muazu and some Northern leaders in the party.

Jonathan, who made his feelings known in a book, 'Against The Run Of Play', written by ThisDay Editorial Board chairman, Olusegun Adeniyi, said Buhari could fight corruption differently.

He said: “I feel sad about the way my family is being hounded.”

“Society is like a building. You build it one block at a time. If every president decides to go in to dismantle what his predecessor did, society will never make progress. I expected President Buhari to correct whatever mistakes I may have made and then carry on from there.

“But a situation in which people go into exile for political reasons is not good for us.”

“His style of fighting corruption is different from mine and since most Nigerians apparently prefer his style, it is okay. There are steps you take that will help in retrieving ill-gotten wealth and punish offenders while restoring confidence in the system. But there are also things you can do to damage the system.”

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) got the court to freeze $5,842,316.66 (about N1.7billion) belonging to Mrs Patience Jonathan in Skye Bank. Justice Mojisola Olatoregun on April 6 unfreezed the account. The EFCC appealed but yesterday withdrew its application for a stay of execution of the judgment.

The Presidency declined to react to former president’s claim on the anti-graft crusade.

Presidential spokesman, Mr. Femi Adesina told The Nation that he could not comment on the contents of a book he has not read.

On the 2015 poll, Jonathan said: “I felt really betrayed by the result coming from some northern states. Perhaps for ethnic purposes, even security agents colluded with the opposition to come up with spurious results against me. You saw the way the Inspector General of Police, a man I appointed, suddenly turned himself into the ADC to Buhari immediately after the election.”

“How could we have lost Ondo, Benue and Plateau states if our people were committed to the cause? If you examine the results, you will see a pattern: in places where ordinarily we were strong, our supporters did not show enough commitment to mobilise the voters.”

“What happened was very sad not for me as a person, but for our democracy.”

“Take, for instance, the PDP National Chairman, Alhaji Adamu Mu’azu. I believe he joined in the conspiracy against me. For reasons best known to him, he helped to sabotage the election in favour of the opposition.”


  1. Former president Gudlock is right; if every president decides to go in to dismantle what his predecessor did, society will never make progress.
    As for Muazu who betrayed his party, it will all come back to hunt him

  2. Jonathan you never see anything

  3. i cant really say your hounded if really there are traces of corruption by certain members of your family as he came with the motivation and drive to fight corruption to a logical point so what i will rather say is if he is(buhari) is being selective about it but talking about betrayal by the PDP former chairman and some northern top leaders i totally agree with you sir but they betrayed you but at the end you have gotten more respect and earned something they will struggle to have

  4. Oladimeji Seun26 April, 2017 09:37

    You betrayed yourself.

  5. Suffer it!!!. You purposely surrounded yourself with northern cabals, I knew it that Muazu is a betrayal, same thing with INEC boss, the all join hands to vote you out. Because of your kindergarten rulership you quickly ceded power to visionless administration whose mission is to witchhunt political opponents and subjection of people to abject poverty.

  6. So glad u know those that betrayed u. God punish them all.

  7. President GEJ, should not blame the north or anybody, he should blame himself, charity begins at home. How many people from South did he appoint during his tennure? Those whom he trusted betrayed him and it's a bitter lesson now, too late to cry over a split milk. I pray that Nigerian see positive in leaving legacy behind when in office for the younger generation to follow. Those who benefited from free education during UPN time will never forget that opportunity given to them. Do something to make people remember you forever.Standered in our country is poor, selfless leaders are need, not those who duel in the past let's move on and built a united Nigeria.

  8. Gej just leave everything to God

  9. Corrupt president to ever ruled Nigeria. So, they should allow you to finish our treasury, right? It can't just happen again. Stop making nonsense excuses.

  10. mumu man...tell ur family wey dere hand no clean to return dos loot...can u giv us justification of d land tompolo sold to d govt under ur watch for 13billion naira?

    secondly,,,,u lost election bcoz of d foloin thieves:
    1. your wife.
    2. mad man fanny kayode.
    3. crazy man fayose..
    4. olisa metuh d talkative..

    hope u av learnt ur lesson?

  11. Did you just say you fought corruption? Man dey talk true oo you wey looting no b stealing

  12. They should let them be na

  13. u betray ur self 4 not allowing North 2 complete Yar'adua tenure in 2011 and u think Northerners are fools dats why they pay u back, so u better shot ur mouth nd face probes. Its just a pay back time 4 cutting short Yar'adua tenure, this serve as warning 4 those dat dont respect agreements

  14. Yeye talk! Search urself b4 lamenting..


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