Lady advises Yahoo Boys & girls who follow them for money

No matter what you say, folks who are desperate because their parents are waiting for them to 'take care of them' even without a job will not listen. Money is the only talk they understand.

This young lady, Loty Keri, took to her profile to advise guys living large by defrauding people and as such treating ladies any how. Read what she shared:

“Dear yahoo boys, I’m not telling you not to do your kind of business but this internet business has made most of you not to have integrity in the real world. Hey you oh yes you, just because you cut corners to make money and tell lies for a living does not mean you should apply the same in your daily life. 
You guys are so blinded by money and lies that you don’t even know how to earn the love of a good woman by simply just saying the truth. It’s funny how you guys think that every girl is the same as those white women you sweet talk to believing you and sending you money, too bad! 
Kindly get a life please and if that is too much to ask, stay away from good women and find your match. I’m sure there are some girls like you who wont mind the way you lie and the character you display once they are seeing the money. 
Women please be wise. It’s good to have a home than a house. God bless you all.”

 Good to know we still have good ladies. Interesting words.


  1. Guess she must have experienced one or two.But would you listen to the truthful ones when they disguise their self.

  2. Hassan Aderemi03 April, 2017 22:51

    A word is enough for the wise.

  3. Do sponsor anyone b4 you physically

  4. This is the only good thing i have read that came from a lady this year

  5. Hope dey take heed..

  6. Interesting words indeed...

    Good to hear it...


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