Lady attacked by Church leader's son for allegedly sleeping with his father

A 30-year-old lady, Kelebogile Koenaesele was attacked as she left the church yard in Botshabelo area in South Africa over allegation of sleeping with her church leader. She was allegedly attacked by the church leader’s son who accused her of sleeping with his father. 

Kelebogile was apparently hit with a stone and she's now recovering in the hospital.

She said on Friday she got an SMS from an unknown number. “It said they wondered why Kelebogile prayed, but being the bitch she is, she will pay for her evil deeds.

“The son of a church leader accused me of dating his father. On Sunday when we left church, a stone hit my back and I fell down. He threw stones at my face. I don’t know why he accused me as I am a married woman and the man is also married.

“Now I see why they chose to speak about adultery. Even the church founder spoke about women dating married men. I’ll open a case as soon as I am discharged.”

In his reaction, the church leader said: “When my son beat Kelebogile, I was not at church. I am not dating her. I help her and her family.”

The senior pastor and founder, Archbishop Malefatsane Ramahodi said: 
“I heard about the members who fought. I spoke to the leader about the matter and when Kelebogile comes out of hospital, we will resolve it.”


  1. stupid son! if am the lady or a sibling of hers i damn the church authority and arrest him and also make him pay for damages..if truely there was an affair you didnt confront your dad you feel only the lady is wrong..mumu

  2. Hmmm, that is the reward of fornication

  3. Oladimeji Seun21 April, 2017 18:39

    Na waa o, he wan kill her?.

  4. Nawaoo no thy truth before you act guy

  5. There's no smoke without fire. Something must be wrong somewhere.

  6. Balderdash!!! Kelebo where you not among the supporters of xenophobic attack against Nigeria guys, why lamenting? You are experiencing shortage of husband because of purported attack against Nigerians. More harsh experience for you!!!!


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