Lady Insults Noble Igwe Because Of TBoss?

But why are some young ladies of today always quick to resort to 'insulting' a man at the slightest opportunity? Noble Igwe wants people to vote TBoss, if she didn't like it why not ignore?

This attitude of using insulting words on men by some ladies just tire me. Sigh!


  1. The lady is being reasonable...

    Saw nothing wrong there...

    The guy wished to be insulted and got one...

  2. to me they are both wrong..noble shouldnt have made such a statment as though its a must ritual to vote for Tboss and she asked a good question only to be rellegated to making suggestions for a dog..if am asked he had it coming so for me no blame

  3. Oladimeji Seun06 April, 2017 19:33

    Na her problem.

  4. That one is their own cup of 🍵

  5. Based on logistics, im jes passing by


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