Lagos Big Boy On The Run After Incurring N1.1m Debt At A Nightclub?

Social media spending and showing off wahala. Another Lagos socialite known for big spending has reportedly absconded after being overwhelmed with debt.

Wasiu Adekunle Oladimeji [aka Ejanla] on April 7, 2017 smartly "played" the management of Rubies Lounge in Lagos after incuring a massive debt of N1.1million on alcoholic drinks. The young man is currently wanted.

According to gist, Ejanla whose source of livelihood remains unknown, has been shutting down social gatherings with his financial process before he apparently ran short of cash.

N1.1m for only drinks? Smh!


  1. Grace boniface12 April, 2017 07:43

    Fake lifestyle. Good for him

  2. I get am before no be property, before before big boi, bros don broke tey tey na code 5 him dey use maintain but the gullible no know

  3. He will be nab soon. spending what you don't have on what has no gain

  4. Oladimeji Seun12 April, 2017 09:51

    Bad boy.

  5. so the guy wanted to use atm card to collect 1m from atm machine and the club owner believed him. You have been played. Sorry!!!

  6. Rewarded bountifully like say the reward go reach the 1.1M....lol

  7. Ejanla don jump enter deep water.
    Who go follow am?


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