Lagos FRSC Boss Escapes Death From Accident

Sector Commander, Federal Road Safety Corps, Lagos Command, Hyginus Omeje, has warned his personnel to be safety conscious by not stopping erring motorists by force.

Mr. Omeje told newsmen on Sunday that he was nearly killed by a commercial driver who faced him with his vehicle in an attempt to escape.

The commander said that the incident happened last march when he tried to stop a driver who was driving an overloaded commercial bus along Costain Area of the state.

“I sighted the commercial bus on Eko Bridge loaded with goods and passengers. Its state was dangerous to over road users that I could not over look it. I asked one of my officers to snap the vehicle while on motion.

“We decided to drive down to Costain Bus stop where we knew it would be safe for him to stop without causing traffic obstructions or endangering other people’s lives.

“When I disembarked from my official car in company with my orderly, I flagged the driver down for him to stop, but he refused.

“Rather, he faced me with the vehicle in an attempt to run over me; I was nearly killed by the driver.

“He later resorted to dangerous driving and I had to put a phone call through to the Rapid Respond Squad (RRS) team to join us in following him,’’ he said.

According to Omeje, it took the combined efforts of two teams of Rapid Response Squad (RRS) along Nigerian Breweries and Orile areas before they could stop him.

The commander said that after the driver was stopped by the RRS officials, they requested for his driver’s licence and vehicle particulars but he refused to produce them. Omeje said that the case has been transferred to the Iponri Police Station for investigation and prosecution.

The FRSC boss, however, warned the officials to always copy the number plates of erring motorists rather than standing on the expressway to stop them by force.


  1. a very good advice if not they will end up dieing for nothing..some of these drivers are indeed crazy on the wheel

  2. I just hope they would listen and act in accordance but the officials are most time carried away by the settlement of the moment

  3. It would have be better to run over you because you people are too corrupt.

  4. Oladimeji Seun10 April, 2017 11:55

    Thanks for the good advise but will the FRSC officials adhere to this advise? they should be well inform cos life is precious.

  5. Does the IGP not know that his men collect "egunje" from commercial drivers?

    Does the Sector Cmdr. not know that his men pursue erring motorists in a show of force/authority? Now that he has almost tasted death in doing so, he is giving good advice to his men. As if they don't know before..

  6. Tnk God 4 life..

  7. A lesson for others, if you die you are on your own


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