LOL! Drunken FRSC Officers Caught Sleeping On Duty

Confirmed shayo masters! Three officials of the Federal Road Safety Corps will face disciplinary action after they were captured at a filling station sleeping after consuming bottles of beer.

The FB user who posted the photos said the incident happened Thursday at Tarzan Junction, Npkor in Anambra State. He alleged that the men drank 15 bottles of beer before sleeping off.

Below is how people are reaction to the photos...

One Baba Mshelia, said, “Let them enjoy their sleep after enjoying cold beers because even some of our senators slumber during plenary and nobody sanctions them. So, they should not be scapegoats.” 
Albert Onyeacho said, “What kind of uniform personnel is Nigeria producing? If not FRSC, it is the police or army, they are always drinking on duty. This is a wrong precedent; the government should please look into the bad behaviour of these officers and proper disciplinary action should be taken against them.” 
Yusufu Termen, said the scene appeared like a blackmail. He said, “The pictures are not showing that they were the ones that drank the bottles. The bottles are not in front of them or in their hands or mouths. The bottles look like bottles that have been laying there for some hours. They can’t all finish their drinks at the same time and start sleeping at the same time. So, to me, the pictures are only showing a tired people who found a shed to rest after a hard work and are taking a nap to revitalise their systems.” 
Another poster, Emmanuel Jackson, said even if the men did not take the drinks, they were wrong for sleeping on duty. He said, “I am not in support of blackmail, but sleeping on duty in uniform is unacceptable and a demotion of the gallant men and women of the uniform group. Those officers should be sent to the guardroom as punishment.”

The Sector Commander, FRSC, Anambra, Mr. Ajayi Sunday, said the command was aware of the photos, adding that the men had been identified and would face disciplinary action.

He said, “I am aware and their action is against the ethics of the corps; we won’t tolerate that. It is an administrative issue. Disciplinary action will be taken against them. They will have the opportunity to defend themselves during the process.”