LOL! People Talking About The S*x Life Of Man Who Married Two Wives In Delta

The claim by a man in Delta state who married 2 wives same day that he makes love to them like 4 times every night has attracted reactions from Nigerians including a Psychiatrist and doctors.

Here's the report by New Telegraph's Chikioke Iremeka:

Many Nigerians are of the opinion that it’s not possible for the man who married 2 wives same day to make love to his wives every night, going two rounds each. They argue that such is possible only if the man has a very high libido. 

They added that a man who goes through the normal stress in Nigeria, may not be able to have s*x every night. Some of the men and women interviewed noted that it’s impossible to achieve.

A female doctor and a surgeon among them however, had a contrary opinion, as she said: 
“It’s one hundred per cent possible going by my experiences as a relationship counselor.” 

Sola Ibrahim, a Laboratory Scientist, is one of the Nigerians who spoke on the issue. He stressed that such number of rounds in s*x may be impossible to achieve.

He noted that it’s not possible for the newly wedded man to have s*xual intercourse with his two wives twice each every night. Where would he get such strength from? He stated that it takes complete one month for a s*xually active man to recover what is lost in terms of nutrients in just one s*xual intercourse.

If actually this man is doing what he just told the public, he will soon fall sick. Johnson

Effekodo, a Lagos-based teacher has a contrary view. He said he had tried to go on such escapades but couldn’t achieve it.

“While in school, young female schoolmates openly bragged with boys and dared to beat them in s*xual marathon competition.

When the session gets underway, the boys tried all they could to win the contest, but in most cases, the girls emerged winners. As school boys and girls, we did a lot of wrong things.

“For this man that said he sleeps with his wives 4 times in one night, some things are not just right.

"S*xually active or not, certain things can’t be done naturally. Suffice me to say that it’s only with performance enhancing drugs that one may attempt this, but what this means is that, such s*xual activities are dependent on drugs. How long can this continue?.."


  1. Sexually active or not, it's not possible for him to achieve such.

  2. well i guess he has the strenght to go about it..i saw a woman who ran to her husbys people to complain that her husby is about killing her with 6-7rounds of sex everytime so its possible

  3. U go tire soon. Na ur body go tell u.

  4. There's nothing wrong with that if he's capable of taking care of them

  5. Hassan Aderemi10 April, 2017 18:23

    We have heard of a man with over 90 wives from Benue state, who was even charged to court by some Islamic scholars for violating doctrine of polygamous in Islam & the batteries of wives & children later came for solidarity in a law court, this man proved that he meets all his wives round the months in a year.

  6. Grace boniface10 April, 2017 18:58

    Enter your comment... Hmmmmmm this man is a super man.

  7. If he is Sex addict , it could be possible for a mean time.

  8. Oladimeji Seun10 April, 2017 21:44

    I wonder o, although truely that is his own problem.


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