Lol! Versity forgets to print question papers, postpones exam

A university in India was forced to put its postgraduate examination on hold as the authorities were said to have forgot to print question papers.

94 students of the Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University had appeared to write their last paper of the second semester postgraduate Hindi exam but had to leave without writing the examination.

The institution’s Public Relations Officer, Ashok Thakur, blamed the oversight on the confusion created by the introduction of the choice based credit system.

“The CBCS was introduced to allow students the flexibility to choose any subject (from science, arts or commerce streams) in the fourth paper. The Hindi HoD has claimed that printing of question papers could not be initiated as he was not aware which subjects the students opted for in the fourth paper,” Hindustan Times quoted Thakur as saying.

The vice chancellor has served a ‘show cause’ notice on the controller of examination and the head of Hindi postgraduation department.

Funny enough, same thing happened earlier, as shortage of answer books in the university had contributed to the delay in the degree part II examination by almost a year.


  1. Funny people. How could they forget something as important as this.

  2. If they are tired of training student why cant they close the institution down.

  3. Unserious people..

  4. I was even thinking you will say the name of the school is ABU but now that its not even in Nigeria, my mouth don sawa

  5. a funny happening indeed..no proper planning


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