LOL! Young Lady Goes Gaga After Smoking Weed

According to Ayomide, the incident happened in his area last night.

The young lady took "Igbo" with her friends but, unfortunately for her, she started acting crazy. It was when she pulled her clothe and started dancing round the street that people noticed something was wrong.

Her brain couldn't withstand the impact of weed for the first time...


  1. If good for smoke if e no good for quite.don't ve do everything your friends are doing.

  2. OMG! When will our youths learn from dangers of hard drugs

  3. Hassan Aderemi03 April, 2017 16:43

    Hope the video of her craziness will be shown to her when she is settled with her brain.

  4. Trying to belong. See where it has led her to.

  5. Orísírísí..

  6. Peer presure...see wot u made her do! In burna boy's voice singing..hw wud u like to smoke some weed,gat some mari wanna in ma house dat i wud like 2 smoke wit u ....


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