Man Dragged To Court, Sentenced For Having S*x With His "Girlfriend"

A man has gotten himself into serious trouble with the law after he was found out to have had s*x with a teenager. The 21yrs old Zimbabwean has been ordered to perform 420 hours of community service for having s*x with a 15-year-old girl he claims is his girlfriend.

According to The Chronicle, he man was arrested for having an affair with an under-age girl.

The man’s love affair with the girl was exposed to her family after the teen’s mother found her daughter in possession of a cell phone belonging to him.

Innocent Kaunda was convicted of having s*xual inter-course with a minor.

He had told the court that he was not aware that the girl was under age.

“Your Worship, my girlfriend told me that she was repeating her O-level. I concluded that she was at least 17 years or older. Even judging from her body one cannot tell that she is under age.”


  1. why did'nt the girl stop him or was she raped? yeye dey smell.

  2. All dis cant happen in nig,

  3. Nawa ooo next time you ask for certificate of birth lolz

  4. you see as the girl spoil and like bad thing she couldnt even mention it to him..sorry guy 5mins of intense fun don land you hours of hard labour,wetin relationship dey cause

  5. I wish this kind law will be implemented in Nigeria

  6. Na wetin hin find hin c..

  7. Hassan Aderemi24 April, 2017 17:07

    It's a pity he will have to serve this punishment now, though the two might get married in future.

  8. Oladimeji Seun24 April, 2017 19:38

    No comment, do as the jurge said.


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