Man Dragged To Court, Sentenced For Having S*x With His "Girlfriend"

A man has gotten himself into serious trouble with the law after he was found out to have had s*x with a teenager. The 21yrs old Zimbabwean has been ordered to perform 420 hours of community service for having s*x with a 15-year-old girl he claims is his girlfriend.

According to The Chronicle, he man was arrested for having an affair with an under-age girl.

The man’s love affair with the girl was exposed to her family after the teen’s mother found her daughter in possession of a cell phone belonging to him.

Innocent Kaunda was convicted of having s*xual inter-course with a minor.

He had told the court that he was not aware that the girl was under age.

“Your Worship, my girlfriend told me that she was repeating her O-level. I concluded that she was at least 17 years or older. Even judging from her body one cannot tell that she is under age.”