Man who won $3million sentenced to 21years imprisonment

Don't pursue cash blindly without getting your life's priorities right, else money will control you.

A Georgia man, Ronnie Music Jr., of Waycross who won $3 million in a scratch-off lottery game in February 2015 was sentenced on Monday to serve 21 years in federal prison.

46yrs old Mr. Music was arrested, convicted and been sentenced to prison for reportedly using at least part of his $3 million in lottery winnings to deal drugs.

Prosecutors say he pleaded guilty in July to conspiring to traffic large amounts of methamphetamine and to being a felon in possession of firearms.

Prosecutors say he used the money he won to buy crystal meth to sell.

He was arrested in late 2015 after selling meth to a confidential informant. Prosecutors say they have indicted and arrested 21 other members of the drug trafficking ring and, including Music, the other 20 have been convicted.

How can you win $3million (over N1bn), people's lifetime dream, and you use it to deal drugs?