People Are Enjoying Their Marriage. Why Not You?

Most of the time, I didn't say all times, marriages collapse because a woman refused to accept her nature-given role as a help meet, a support to her husband. She wants to assume equal "rights" as some Pentecostal churches and counselors are promoting today.

That is a wrong concept. Equal partners don't work, mostly in marriage. Many people are enjoying their marriage as designed by nature and stated in the holy books (Bible and Quran).

But those who think they are slay queens go into marriage to fight for equal rights...

A book by Bishop Oyedepo and his wife, Faith, stated that any group claiming a wife is equal with the husband is witchcraft. Marry a man you can be submissive to and enjoy marriage. That's it.


  1. True talk...

    Marriage is like a flight...
    U get to know bout crashed ones...

  2. It's not about marrying the right person but complimenting the imperfections in your spouse

  3. It takes only the grace of God to make marriages work.

  4. Marriage is sweet oh, yet some successful female folks believes Marriage is just a fancy word for adopting an over grown male child who can no longer be handled by his parents anymore, with this mindset how can marriage last, tell me

  5. fact of life..secrets to a sweet and successful marriages

  6. I feel the bet solution is finding the right partner

  7. You said it all.una dey here gender equality is not applicable in marriage.

  8. Oladimeji Seun24 April, 2017 19:02

    Wise talk o.


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