Married Lady With Kids Impregnated By Boyfriend, Dies from Abortion Complications

What do you stand to lose by living right, nothing. Why are some people losing their sanity, dignity and probably their life all in a desperate bid to "enjoy"?

According to report, tragedy struck in Abeokuta, Ogun State, when a mother of eight, identified as Sukurat Adedoyin, reportedly died following complications from abortion of pregnancy.

33yrs old Mrs Adedoyin, Vanguard gathered, was alleged to have been impregnated by her lover, a 30yrs old man identified as Alabi Kamilu. 

She sought the help of an auxiliary nurse, Bello Abosede, 34, to terminate the pregnancy.

The Investigating Police Officer, Asake Morowuntonu, said the victim was a married woman with kids. The alleged boyfriend forced her to terminate the pregnancy, leading to her death.