Married Women Attack Lady Sharing Her Nude Pics To Lure Married Men

A 21-year-old lady has clashed with some married women after posting her n*de photographs on WhatsApp groups in order to lure married men.

H-metro reports that Leila Nyasha is under fire from married ladies in several WhatsApp groups.

She has been accused of hooking teenage ladies and included them in her "runs" life.

When confronted, Leila confirmed posing n*de but said the photograph could have been posted on WhatsApp group by her ex-boyfriend but she doesn't care.

Her n*de photo which cannot be published because of the extreme nudity has generated buzz.

One of the married woman who reacted, said, “She is making herself available for exploitation by men and I feel as a woman we need to watch what we do and how we present ourselves to others because that’s the only way we can be respected.”


  1. well its her life so i guess they should just watch there men carefully..

  2. Some lady don't care about self-respect

  3. Some lady don't care about self-respect

  4. Some married women engage in exposing their nakedness in quest for ��, At the end the man will suffer it. In Africa setting it kills. Soon Nigeria government will adopt Eritrea marriage law and this will help dwindled women extramarital affairs.

  5. Yeye dey smell..

  6. Oladimeji Seun21 April, 2017 18:32

    One has to watch his or her step cos what goes around comes around.


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