Mercy Aigbe’s Battered Face And The Reactions

According to sources, actress Mercy Aigbe is the 4th woman to have kids for Lanre Gentry. He is said to have left his wife to marry Mercy, for whatever reason. So what went wrong?

Nigerian blogosphere's trending word is ‘Mercy’. Ever since news broke that she was beaten silly by her husband, Mr, Gentry, and she, in response, returned to allegedly break down his gate and carted away all her belongings, social media has been wild with tales flying around with reckless abandon on what truly happened between the couple.

Pics of Mercy’s battered face came online, she also did a post preaching against domestic violence on her Instagram page. This was even as Mr. Gentry took to the Internet to profess his love for his wife and swear that he could never beat her. 

However, as is to be expected, commenters online are divided with some sympathetic to Mercy and others standing up for her husband.

David Damilola wrote, “So Mercy Aigbe was using her Victims movie to reveal her marital status.”

Japheth Omojuwa wrote, “I just saw (the) Mercy Aigbe photos. I hope the animal that did that to her has since been arrested. Too dangerous to live with humans.” 

Omobolabee wrote, “Marriage should be a safe haven and not a battlefield. This world is hard enough already! Say NO to domestic violence. #Mercy Aigbe.” 

Another commenter took a different stand, saying “Mercy Aigbe’s husband beat her mercilessly. That’s because most female Nigerian celebrities are after the rich men so they can live large!” 

Another commenter, Odoziakwu Nwanyi wrote, “Whatever the case may be…please handle it off camera; off (the) public eye. This is a total act of shame on your part and that of your hubby. I hope you recover soon. Do what is best for you and remember your health is your wealth.”

One commenter, Ebunoluwa was emotional in her response as wrote, “Mercy, I love you no matter what. Please be strong; I feel like crying right now. I pray for wisdom for you to take the right decision, amen.”

Meanwhile, Mercy and her husband have refused to speak to the media yet.


  1. This is so serious, but why beating up like this now.

  2. i agree that any further postings of there marital issues should be made public and should be settled amicably for the children and love sake,when the issue is open to social media it takes the grace of God for that marriage to work again as you have different influencing views and advices so please do the right thing now and shame the devil

  3. Women have problem of always thinking tjeyhave the capacity to change a man. Even when they know anything bad xter, they will still put head

  4. Some ladies are really going through a lot in marriages. Mercy the Lord is with you

  5. Well, only God knows what transpired between both. I always see mercy on instagram that her marriage is the most perfect.

  6. Avoid social media marriage (OLUFAMOUS et'al 2015). Mercy is known for showoff on instagram

  7. Its well bt wht reason do she hav 2 marry him in d 1st place having knwn his history with women

  8. too bad. he shldnt hve beaten her

  9. That is their problem and it must be settle amicably.

  10. "Meanwhile Mercy and her husband have refuse to speak to the media yet" said by Olu. I would like to hear from the horses mouth before I judge.


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