Mimi Orjiekwe Slams "Husband" Charles Billion For Ignoring Her & Their Baby

Husband and wife wahala no be small thing; if a wife start referring to her man as 'sperm donor' just know things are not what they should be. But no need to resort to insult; if all is well with you both your husband will be with you. So the right thing to do is try resolving your issues.

Actress Mimi Orjiekwe welcomed a baby girl days back and shared the difficulties she faced giving birth. But her husband, Charles Billion, ignore her and the new baby.

The husband is supporting TBoss online, the wife is slamming him for not being a father...

When he was donating sperm and you were receiving, we didn't know. Why not try resolving your issues in a more decent way, especially for the sanity of your child.