Minister Ogbonnaya Onu Rides In A Wooden Car (Photos)

Minister of Science Technology, Ogbonnaya Onu, rode in a Made in Nigeria car with wooden body at the annual “Technology and Innovation Expo” #Techno2017 in Abuja yesterday.

Maker of the wooden-body car named 'Amara', Ahmed Aliyu drove the car to the arena in company of the Minister.
Aliyu who is from Niger state, said he rode the car from Bida, Niger state to Abuja and used only 23 liters of fuel. The car uses a motorcycle engine.

 Materials used in the making of the car were sourced locally except the Wheel, engine and Tyres.


  1. God bless his brilliant mind, i hope the minister do the needful and not just the usual empty promises

  2. Leadership by example

  3. thats the dream!!! from wooden car it will be metal and real car,i believe in the ingenuity of my nigerian people

  4. Hassan Aderemi04 April, 2017 19:41

    Kudos to the guy.

  5. Nigeria is bless with resources
    Kudos to the man

  6. This is challenge for all the Nigeria leader you have people that very intelligent but you dont known how to use them, finally our Nigeria senator today are debate stupid and ungenerous reason issues.

  7. We r blessed, if only we'll embrace our own..

  8. Oladimeji Seun04 April, 2017 22:55

    Good thinking, good product.

  9. Woow, we are blessed with lots of talent in this country


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