Mom Stabs Her Baby, Dumps Body In Waste Bin

A 26-year-old lady has been arrested following the death of her newborn baby girl. The Police found the newborn baby’s body in the kitchen waste bin and a post-mortem examination later revealed that she died from multiple stab wounds.

The mother, Rachel Tunstill, has been arrested and is being charged with her daughter’s murder.

Rachel a graduate of University of Lancashire, seemed depressed and wept uncontrollably in court.

Police said she did not enter a plea and was remanded in custody.

The incident happened in Burnley, Lancashire, England. Her trial date has been set for June 7.

A 30-year-old man who is thought to be the baby’s father was released without charge after the Police said they were “completely satisfied” he had no involvement in the newborn baby’s death.


  1. Hw can a normal woman who took d pain 2 carry d pregnancy till birth do such?

  2. Such a callous and wicked thing to do.

  3. May God have mercy on her

  4. Abeg mother should be removed from the her name this too bad #

  5. End time happenings..

  6. The news we read on the dailies, heard from the media on a daily basis gets scarier by the day, God will help us all

  7. obviously she is sick.they should investigate about her thoroughly

  8. Devil in human form. How can a mother do that to her own child


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