Monarch Flees As Fulani Herdsmen Behead Man In Delta

Tension has enveloped Urhuoka-Abraka community in Ethiope-East area of Delta State following the killing of a member of the community by armed men suspected to be Fulani herdsmen.

Sources said the incident occurred on Monday around Ovre-Abraka bush where indigenes of the community farm.

It was gathered that the young man, a welder, who was later identified as Solomon Ejor, was killed while trying to rescue his mother, Mrs Maria Ejor, who had gone to Ovre to farm, and was held hostage by the herdsmen in her farm.

On getting to the place, a confrontation ensued, which led to the woman’s freedom, but Solomon was unlucky as he was shot before being beheaded by the suspected herdsmen.

It was gathered that over 50 local farmers had been killed in the scuffle since the struggle began even as the state government and security operatives were accused of playing politics with the rampaging killing in the area.

Irked by the continued killing and inaction of the traditional ruler, angry indigenes retrieved the mutilated body of the victim and went to the palace of the Ovie of Oruarivie-Abraka to dump the corpse and register their grievances.

Upon sighting the angry mob with the corpse of the slain welder, the monarch was learnt to have reportedly fled the palace through the back gate to an unknown destination probably to avoid seeing the corpse which is a taboo for a monarch in Urhobo.

The protesters invaded the palace destroying cars and air conditioners with a threat to torch the palace if not for the timely intervention of a detachment of army personnel.

The President General of the community, Dr. Tedwins Emudainohwo, whose car was also destroyed in the mayhem said, “They brought the corpse to the palace with the intention of desecrating the palace coupled with the fact that it is a taboo for the Ovie to see a corpse.

“The victim, in company with his younger brother and two friends, had gone to the bush to rescue their mother who had gone to the farm and was trapped in the bush, following shootings by herdsmen in the area.”

“Their mother had gone to her farm on Monday to work. While there, she started hearing gunshots inside the bush and had to take cover at a spot. In her hiding position, she was able to see some Fulani herdsmen walking past as they continued shooting. After the situation had calmed down, she called her children and told them that she was trapped inside the bush.”

But when will these senseless acts by so called Fulani Herdsmen come to an end?


  1. fulani herdsmen should be wiped out..they are a menace to society right now and if security agencies cant handle them then self defence is the answer cuz we werent created to be killed by some blood thirsty,backwater retarded animals called hausa fulani

    1. Where are the militants. Herdsmen will kill us in the North and also kill us in our land, then go Scott free. This weakness is too much.

  2. Govt should do something fast about this guys

  3. I am so offended of reading this type of story but what exactly is the problem with us in the entire southern part of this country? how many are these so called fulanis that they terrorize us from calaba to enugu and ondo with ease? are there no young men in these places anymore? what happened to raising a group to watch over our villages? its annoying that a group of people whose knowledge is no more than the cows thy rear will continue to have upper hand over our land? the youths of the south should wake up and face these fulani fire for fire.

  4. This becoming unbearable habaa why a set of people will killing everyday and government will remains silent.

  5. Where is the Niger deltan militants if it's how to destroy pile line it will not take u minute go and rescue your people been trap by fulani herdsmen now, you will not being interested about such deal if na oil matter now una go spread self center people

  6. My blames go to the youth of abk, this is not the first time, it has happened before and you kept quiet, who knows who will be the next to die. Why not fish those Fulani's out, burn them alife, banish them from grazing your farm land. Don't wait for any body to do it for you because what we have now is fake and selfish leaders.

  7. This is totally unacceptable, what kind of government do we have in this country, state government, handicap, federal government, powerless, Dear God over to you

  8. Grace Boniface27 April, 2017 18:25

    Why is all this happening? Government should do some to stop this evil . This is boko harm in d making..

  9. I have nothing to say since the president if this country Mohammadu Buhari does not want to come out to condemn this insessant killings

  10. Come to think of it, FULANI, are they NIGERIANS....


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