My father was killed over his guber ambition – Adeleke’s son

One of the children of the first civilian Governor of Osun State, Senator Isiaka Adeleke, Tunji, has alleged that his father, who was preparing to contest in the 2018 governorship election in the state was killed.

Although he did not state how he was killed but he said Adeleke, senator representing Osun-West at the Senate until his death was killed by some forces because he stood a good chance of emerging the governor of the state again.

Tunji, who said this in a snapchat on Tuesday, said that some persons, who he did not name, eliminated his dad because they considered him a big threat to their ambition.

He said it was curious that his father, who was hale and hearty on Saturday preceding his sudden death and was awake till around 2am on Sunday morning, could die a few hours later without showing any sign of sickness.

Tunji believed that his dad was killed by those who were jealous of his influence and money which he said they wanted by all means.

His claim was not different from the position of many of Adeleke’s supporters, who said that their benefactor was poisoned at one of the social functions he attended within the state on Saturday.


  1. That's politics for you. May his soul rest in peace

  2. hmmmmm..i had many things to say but may his soul rest in peace and i hope the killers are detected and Gods judgement visited upon them

  3. If the norm in osun politics is to kill whoever poses a threat to your political ambition, Adelekes son, by implication, is suggesting that his father, in his first coming as osun governor, also killed those who threatened his chances then. Is he not ashamed that his father, at his old age, still wanted to be governor while young people like the so called son,are still unemployed.

  4. World people, fear dem

  5. Since god has decided

  6. Oladimeji Seun26 April, 2017 15:26

    That is why we said that politics is a dirty game.


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