New Mega Party: ADP Pays N1m To Get INEC Registration

Promoters of a new Mega Party to battle APC, under the auspices of the Action Democratic Party (ADP), have paid the mandatory N1m to the Independent National Electoral Commission for the registration of the party.

A top member of the party, Dr. James Okoroma, whose name was forwarded to the commission as the National Secretary of the party, told Punch on phone that the ADP paid the compulsory fee since January this year.

Okoroma stated that the ADP also fulfilled the requirement for the submission of the list of its National Working Committee members to the commission in January.

He said a team sent from the commission visited the ADP’s headquarters in Asokoro, Abuja, and concluded its verification for the process of the registration of the party in February.

Okoroma added that the ADP was only waiting for its certificate of registration from INEC.

According to him, members of the ADP National Working Committee, whose names were on the list submitted to INEC, are Yagbaji Sani (National Chairman), Mr. David Bichi, (National Legal Adviser), a former National Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, Chief Rex Onyeabo (National Chairman, South-East), a former Minister of State for Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr. Nojeem Awodele (National Vice Chairman, South West), and others.

Okoroma said the planned party had several prominent politicians including senators, former ministers and others across the country.

How far will they go? Time will tell.


  1. e don set..dramatic road to 2019..we see how it will play out

  2. Different party, the same people

  3. PDP in what ever guise they may appear is dead

    1. Yes, they will never get chance to turn our democracy to Kleptocracy

  4. Stupidity, still the same set of people kmt

  5. I can only but wish them the best

  6. They wanna turn our democracy to kleptocracy just as pdp did for good 16years, never God wil not give chance. Motherfuckerz y'all..!

  7. Nigeria should start to adopt two party system...

    This multi-party system is killing us...


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