Obasanjo's Wife Loses Bid To Stop Her Son's Wedding

An Ikeja High Court has dismissed the suit filed by Mrs Taiwo Obasanjo, wife of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, seeking postponement of the wedding of her son Olujonwo to Tope Adebutu.

Justice Lateefa Okunnu dismissed the suit on the grounds that the court lacked jurisdiction to hear the suit because her son Olujonwo, 33, is an adult. 

“On March 27, I ordered counsel to direct me on whether the family court can hear a case where the child is an adult. Counsel have addressed me and I have read the processes before me. 

“I have found to be very genuine, what the applicant said regarding performing her parental duties in paragraph 15 of her affidavit. The court, regrettably, lacks the competence to adjudicate this suit, the jurisdiction of the family court covers children under the age of 18 years. 

“The respondents son is 33-years-old, this negates the ability of this court to entertain this suit. The proper order to give is one dismissing this suit in its entirety, I hereby dismiss this suit,” the judge said.

Former President Obasanjo and the father of the bride, Sir Kessington Adebutu, promoter of Premier Lotto known as “Baba Ijebu” are the respondents to the suit. Mrs Taiwo Obasanjo was present in court while former President Obasanjo and Sir Adebutu were absent.

Mrs Obasanjo had in her suit filed on March 27, prayed that the wedding which is scheduled for May 11, be moved to any date after June 1 which is Olujonwo’s 34th birthday. According to her, she had received various warnings and prophecies from men of God that her son should not be involved in any elaborate celebration before his birthday. 


  1. if thats the case then it should be a family issue and sorted out by family

  2. Hassan Aderemi10 April, 2017 18:04

    This matter is family affair that ought to have been settled in-house.

  3. this lady,i she make a good wife,i because I know her and mother in 1004 estate V.I

  4. Son u better listen to your mum or pray about it

  5. The matter ought to be settled amicably within the family than going to court

  6. A dog that is going to perish will not listen to the whistle of the hunter (its master)!

  7. SMH when you can't do anything without seeking form spiritual people you get yourself to mess

  8. Kufru....you can't do anything without engaging babalawos called Alfa and pastors....spiritual bondage...mshwww

  9. Oladimeji Seun11 April, 2017 06:34

    Na dem problem be that.

  10. Grace boniface11 April, 2017 06:58

    Enter your comment... June 1st is just around d corner. The guy shud listen to his mum.


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