OMG! Man Chops Off Pregnant Woman’s Hand In Ekiti

A man, who was engaged in a fight with his neighbour in Isaba-Ekiti, allegedly chopped off the left wrist of a pregnant woman, Aisha Adam, with a cutlass.

A reporter, who visited the pregnant woman and mother of four on her hospital bed on Monday, reports that the left hand of the victim was cut off from her wrist.

The victim’s husband, Mr Mohammed Admams, said that there was a quarrel between him and his neighbour, resulting in the chopping off of his wife’s hand.

He said, “My wife, the victim, reported to me that our neighbour had fought with her while I was away. I challenged him and in the process, both of us started fighting.

My neighbour rushed inside his room, brought out a cutlass and I also brought out a cutlass in defence. When the man came out, my wife tried to intervene and he slashed her with the cutlass.

“Her wrist immediately fell-off her hand,” the husband said.

Confirming the incident, a Police Officer, who only identified himself as DSP Peter, said that a case of a man cutting off a woman’s hand was reported at Ikole Police Division.

He said a suspect had been arrested and the case transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department at the State Police Command Headquarters, Ado-Ekiti.

The victim is still receiving treatment at a hospital in Ikole-Ekiti.

The hand that was cut-off had been deposited at the mortuary.

- How can two neighbours resort to fighting with cutlass in this modern day? Sigh!


  1. See what anger caused. It can destroy a lot of things.

  2. Hahahahaha.......so unfortunate that woman bears the brunt of their senseless fight

  3. which kind barbaric anger is this?! i hope he is seriously dealt with..so na so dis woman lose her hand just like dat.na wa o

  4. Nawaooo this madness is now everywhere

  5. Oladimeji Seun04 April, 2017 12:51

    Na waa o, fighting with cutlass, that is madness.

  6. Adagiri Augustine04 April, 2017 12:53

    Say no to violence and let there be peace everywhere. See where this has lead to...


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