Prepare For "War" If You Launch Airstrikes On Syria Again – Putin dares Trump

Just yesterday I watched Prophet TB Joshua live on TV healing people, he mentioned something like two world powers could go to war if the issue in Syria is not well managed.

Now it seems Russsian President, Vladimir Putin, and America's Donald Trump, are set for a fall out that could lead to a show of force between both super power nations.

Coming after the United States airforce launched an airstrike on Syria, the Russian Government has warned the United States to back off or be prepared for real war.

The fallout comes after Pres. Trump in the early hours of Friday, ordered airstrikes (pictured) on a Syrian airbase in the first direct attack by the US against Assad, due to alleged chemical attack.

The said, "What America waged in an aggression on Syria is a crossing of red lines. From now on we will respond with force to any aggressor or any breach of red lines from whoever it is and America knows our ability to respond well."

Russian Embassy in London suggested, on Sunday night, that there could be ‘real war’ if Moscow is presented with an ultimatum over Syria.


  1. They should settled their issue

  2. America should quit playing lord over other countries, No particular country has the monopoly of firepower, fuck what you heard

  3. Pls Trump never dared Pres.Putin, in fact it's Putin given the US an indirect warning by cancelling the memorandum of understanding over safe flight on Syria skies. Russia want peace for all nations, you know the US everything is by force "if you don't follow us we implicate you and bomb you". At the moment Russia has concentrated air defense systems in Syria which the US doesn't. This is solely to protect against invasion of Syria the West (US and it's allies) hence the memorandum was sign to avoid shooting down the US fighter jets but that the inexperienced Donald Trump launch cruise missiles strike against Syria without providing evidence that Damascus was truly responsible for the chemical attack on civilian which in essence is a total aggression on the part of the US again sovereign state without a UN mandate Russia in response to the US arrogance cancelled the memorandum....So now hmmmm. God help us, let me not Nuclear War 3 might be knocking on our door, so far, the Russian are being more Prudent but don't poke the beer to see its claws.


  5. I thank God for Goodluck Jonathan everyday

  6. May God punish that Syria president the bastard is a devil incarnate

  7. American will not fight for the benefit of any country. Big example is how has America help in fighting bh in naija?

  8. please let them settle their differences amicably. WAR NOR good o. if WAR start now based on logistics, na the innocent people they suffer am pass. please let peace reign o.


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