Revealed: SSS in recruitment scandal - Katsina 51, Kano 25, Akwa Ibom 5; Lagos 7

Nigeria’s internal secret service, the State Security Service (SSS), is enmeshed in a recruitment scandal following the exposure of a shocking lopsidedness in the composition of the new officers recently absorbed into the agency.

The full shocking details below:
The agency commissioned 479 cadet officers after their passing-out parade in Lagos on March 5, at a ceremony attended by the Director-General of the Agency, Lawal Daura, and the Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshall Abubakar Sadique.

The parade followed a nine-month training programme under the agency’s Basic Course 29/2016/17, which encompassed academic activities, insurgency/counter insurgency, intelligence operations and gathering, firearms drills and physical training exercises.

But the listing of the newly commissioned cadet officers seen by PT reveal wide disparity in the numbers of slots allocated to the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory, indicating that the federal character principle may have been ignored in the recruitment of the officers.

Officially, recruitment for the Course was based on a minimum of five slots per state. Ostensibly to ensure compliance with the federal character principle in the exercise, applicants were last year made to sit for recruitment examinations in the capitals of their states of origin. The five slots per state were said to have been picked through the examinations.

However, it has emerged that the authorities paid scant regards to the federal character principle in the final selection of the cadets.

Although the authorities ensured that at least five cadets were recruited from each state and the FCT, they grotesquely tipped the scale in favour of some states in the balance of recruits that emerged from other extraneous considerations.

For instance, while only the minimum of five cadets stipulated per state finally entered the Service from Akwa Ibom, Nigeria’s largest oil producing state, a whopping 51 found their way in from Katsina State, the home state of President Muhammadu Buhari and the Director-General of the SSS, Mr. Daura.

It is not clear what criteria was used in the composition of the final list of the new officers.

The anomaly in the exercise is further evident in the disparity between intakes from the two most populous states in Nigeria, Kano and Lagos, which have 25 and seven, respectively, indicating that the size of the pool of applicants from each state was not a factor in the recruitment.

A breakdown of the newly commissioned cadet officers on geo-political basis revealed that 165 are from the North-west, about four times as many as those who were picked from the South-south (42).

The figures for the other other zones are North-east 100, North-central 66, South-west 57 and South-east 44.

This means that while 331 of the newly commissioned officers are from the 19 northern states and the FCT, less than half of the total intakes were from states in the southern part of Nigeria. See table and charts below for slots allocated to each state.
Attempts to speak with the SSS on the criteria used for the allocation of slots to states were not rewarded as at the time of this publication.

The agency has had no spokesperson since the removal of its last one, Marilyn Ogar, in 2015. The Director-General of the agency, Mr. Daura, did not pick calls or respond to a text message sent to his known telephone numbers.


  1. Corruption everywhere and our dear president is fighting corruption yet his own state can't lead with example. It's quite appalling

  2. this is why nigerians have no faith in the system and want a divide..what kind of abnormal favourtism to the northern states especially to both buhari and daura's home state of katsina is this? this is very bad and i wish 2019 comes quick so we can kick them both out abeg..because you see yourselves as a majority tribe is that why you must always occupy everything because you were so loyal to the british and they gave you vast expanse of land na im make una head dey always big..this isnt right and should be fought to be brought down way more than that,

  3. And to think we are fighting corruption, the more we try the more deep rooted we get, but the question is are we ever going to come out of it? am optimistic but optimism alone is not enough

  4. Gaskia this is unfair and unfortunate. Despite the current administration kicking against corruption.see what is happening in his backyard. Only God can save this country. Corruption has eaten deep to these people heart.

  5. This has always been the case but somehow our southern brothers always find it convenient to keep quiet. go check recruitment into any agency that is federal and you will find same situation. restructuring is the solution.

  6. Very soon their government will be over.

  7. Daura need to be probed for this anomaly....


  9. D's country is xoxo corrupt..

  10. Ds country is xoxo corrupt..

  11. So much corruption in all sector.

  12. Oladimeji Seun28 April, 2017 13:26

    This is not new in the system of picking candidate in Nigeria. the notherners always come first or dominate every area in the country.

  13. I think say the country don pass dis tribal sentiments and only appoint based on merit so that country can get better.
    When the selected unit head get tribal cancer, the disease go spread and things go just dey get worse.
    Dat's why DSS dey support legislooters to oppose whoever dey against corruption.

  14. Kwaraption is fighting back! Nepotism has killed Nigeria!


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