See Day-Old-Baby Whose Mum Has No Where To Go After Demolition In Lagos

This is quite sad. According to journalist Simon Ateba, this day old baby's mother has nowhere to go after Lagos State government demolished their house in Otodo Gbame. He wrote:


  1. so sad God will put a roof over your head

  2. hmmmmm..if this is true then heartless is the word to describe there actions..how will these people survive.secure your people first before beautifying idf not you are not leading the right way

  3. If you intend to paint the government bad for this, you have failed, i mean woefully. Simeon Ateba you can chose to help her or let her be, as for the government, after so many notifications, they did what ought to be done

  4. Oladimeji Seun11 April, 2017 21:25

    Government should do something o.

  5. Believe me it's not easy, I have been there


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