Seun Egbegbe Cries Out After 2 Months In Prison, Unable To Meet Bail Conditions

Big boy and alleged serial thief/fraudster, Seun Egbegbe is complaining about the strict nature of his N5 million bail which he was granted since February 24, 2017.

Seun Egbegbe, who has spent two months in Ikoyi prison for theft, revealed that he is unable to find two sureties with the profile required by the court.

The judge had reportedly ruled that the two sureties in the like sum of N2.5 million each must be: a civil servant on level 16 who deposits his international passport, and a property owner in Lagos metropolis who deposits a certificate of occupancy.

Both sureties are also to be mandatorily profiled with their office and home addresses verified.

“Where do they expect him to get the sureties? who would leave the passport and certificate of occupancy with the court until the case which may last four years ends? Who will risk losing N2.5 million as surety for a case that has not even really started?” a close associate of Egbebe stated.

That is why before anyone get involved in a bad act, he/she should first think of consequences.


  1. A lesson learnt d hard way.

  2. Eehyah nobody wants to be entangled in these wahala.

  3. nobody will easily stick there neck out with such sensitive documents and amount of cash and a house involved..seun you will have to wait longer if you will get any..sorry bro

  4. Hassan Aderemi08 April, 2017 17:18

    If you have money, you have many friends, if you have get money, you get many friends, when trouble come, when yawa gas, they will run away, they wouldn't know you again, dem go denied you, dem no know you again oooooo.

    Live a descent life, if you acquired your wealth through illegitimate means, just be rest assured it's a matter of time, you will be exposed.

    What a big shame Seun!

  5. Nw he's left all alone..

  6. You have caused other people than what you going through so be patient and take your punishment

  7. I'm I the one that force engaged ur self in the crime.

  8. The conditions are way too high but on the other hand it serves him right.

  9. Lol, dis guy is a disgrace


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