Seun Egbegbe Still In Prison After Court Granted Him Bail?

According to report, movie maker and alleged serial fraudster, Seun Egbegbe is still in the custody of Ikori prison, weeks after court granted him bail in his ongoing theft and fraud case.

The court had granted N5million bail with two sureties at two and half million naira each.

But the conditions attached is that one of the sureties must be a level 16 civil servant. Unfortunate, it appears no senior civil servant is ready to risk his job and stand surety for Seun Egbegbe.

 Some of his associates are willing to pool resources to meet the N5m stipulation and also willing to go extra length of putting property at risk as land owner, but no level 16 civil servant.

One source disclosed that, “The problem is getting the level 16 civil servant to stand surety….it is proving a herculean task.” 

Seun Egbegbe, accused of N40.647million fraud by thirty two bureau de change men, is in custody as the cases against him – alleged iPhones theft and Dollar fraud – progress in court.