Single Mum Who Collapsed In Ibadan Speaks: I didn't eat for 2 days bcos no money

If you have, appreciate God and thank those reaching out to you. People are going though a lot.

36yrs old single mother of 3, Tawakalitu Adeyeye collapsed and became unconscious at Ikolaba area of Ibadan, the Oyo State capital.

When passersby failed to resuscitate the woman with cold water, an eyewitness called the Police PRO, Mr Adekunle Ajisebutu, who immediately went to the scene and also alerted the Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Ikolaba Division.

She was rushed to the hospital. Upon regaining consciousness, she said there's nothing wrong with her medically, she collapsed because she was hungry and had not taken any food in two days.

"I am a labourer, and I had gone to the Wema area, in Iwo Road, where labourers normally converge daily for menial work, but for the past one month, I have not done any work.

"On the day I collapsed, I was returning home to Ijokodo, Sango area, and was trekking back like I did in the morning when I went in search of a job. I didn’t eat the previous day because I had nothing, and I prayed I would get a job that day, but it wasn’t to be, so as I was trekking back home, I became weak around Ikolaba area, and fell to the ground," said Tawakalitu, whose cab driver husband abandoned her and their three children.

Tawakalitu is, however, grateful to the PPRO and the policemen who rescued her, saying she could have died if not for their timely response to the calls made to them by good Samaritans.

During his visit to the woman at the hospital on Saturday, the PPRO commended members of the public who called to draw the attention of the police to her plight.

Also moved by the story of the woman, the PPRO donated food items and an undisclosed amount of cash to her, while praying to God to help her get a more decent and rewarding job.

Director of Salaudeen Hospital, Ikolaba, where she was rushed to, Dr Rashidi Salaudeen, said she could have died if she hadn't been brought in immediately.


  1. Hmmmm Thnk God oo for your lifs

  2. Who feels it knows, there is hardship in the land, God will bless those that has been reaching out one way or the other.

  3. Kind hearted Nigerians to the rescue. People are really going through a lot

  4. Kind hearted Nigerians to the rescue. People are really going through a lot in life

  5. thank God for timely intervention and providing for a less priviledged woman right God bless all those who did..nigeria hard dis days

  6. Hassan Aderemi05 April, 2017 11:53

    Thank God she survived it, we have majority of the masses with empty stomach while some few privilege at helms of affairs are busy looting our treasury.

  7. Oladimeji Seun05 April, 2017 14:42

    Hmm, poverty everywhere.

  8. Pmb really created poverty in Nigeria.

  9. People are really suffering oh, may God help us.

  10. The economy is 2 harsh..


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