So Good! Head Of Service gives parents of quintuplets job & house in Abuja

Like I said yesterday, I do not think a boutique job will do any good for a man who's wife just gave birth to 5 babies. He needs a federal government job with good packages.

The good news is that Nigeria's Head of Service of the Federation, Mrs. Winifred Oyo-Ita, listened to us and has promised to give a house to the couple who recently delivered quintuplets at the National Hospital Abuja.

Oyo-Ita made the promise while visiting the children on Saturday.

She said that the house will be given under the Federal Integrated Staff Housing (FISH) Scheme.

She also promised Imudia Uduehi, father of the quintuplets who is a graduate from the University of Ilorin, a job with the Federal Civil Service.

At the moment Uduehi is unemployed.

She described the children as great blessings given to the couple by God on a platter of gold. She said the job offer to Uduehi would enable him cater for the children.

“I am very happy for you and I am standing here this afternoon representing the entire civil service of Nigeria. Today is a day of joy for all of us.

“Indeed you are a couple that has been so blessed by God. You have been married for just two years and God has blessed you with five children at once.

“I want to tell you that the Federal Integrated Staff Housing programme will be made available to you, we will give you a house that can accommodate you, your husband and your five children.”

Oyo-Ita also presented cash gifts and diapers to them, thanking the doctors for their efforts in ensuring the babies and mother are alive.

Dr Bunmi Ladipo who delivered the babies said they were delivered through caesarean section and there was no complication.


  1. wow..am excited to hear this..no prayer is enough to give to the H.O.S for this very kind gesture,mama na God go bless you and continue to write your story highier.these twins una head strong indeed and came with so much blessings to your parents as this happened so shall more come,God bless you!!

  2. May God bless him for helping the man in most need

  3. God bless her gud heart..

  4. The children are opening doors already. God bless you madam

  5. That's what I call a miracle

  6. This our promise and fail government. Please don't fail this family oh!

  7. Exemplary leaders for others to emulate.God bless u ma

  8. Hassan Aderemi22 April, 2017 23:24

    God bless the HOS Winifred Oyo-ita for extending the hands of fellowship to the new born babies, their mother & father.
    And to those praying to have child, God who gave these children to a couple that just married for two years will answer your prayers to have the child(ren) of your own.


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