Sultan of Sokoto says Nigerians are hungry bcos we're lazy

The Sultan of Sokoto, Muhammad Sa'ad Abubakar has said there is hunger in Nigeria because a lot of people are lazy.

He was responding to the remarks of the chairman of the Shura committee of the National Islamic Centre, Ahmad Bello, who said that there is extreme hunger in the land at the 22rd annual Ummah Convention held in Sokoto.

According to the Sultan, Nigeria is endowed with fertile land that if properly harnessed could lead the country to greatness but for the laziness of the people.

He said, "The chairman, Shura committee talk about hunger in the land but let me make it clear that we are hungry because we are lazy.

"Let us be very frank and blunt about this- there is hunger, extreme hunger in the land. There is no more vociferous and forceful evidence on this than the millions of our hapless children, all victims of cruel parental neglect, who go about begging for food from households, on streets, or just eating out of dustbin.''

The monarch recalled that agriculture had been the pride of the North, which need to be restored.

He urged Nigerians to take advantage of the agricultural programmes initiated by their state and federal governments for development of the region and the country in general.


  1. Hear urself. Have u done an labourer job before.why talk like ur hardworking.

  2. if you say nigerians are lazy what about southafricans and some other african countries we hear of,well it looks to me that he said that judging by how they behave mostly in the northern part of country because the way area tight now even serious hustlers look like poor people now

    1. Enter your reply...wat he said is true for the first time what nigerian lay on it is agriculture why we can't go back to our normal business which is agriculture

  3. We don hear..

  4. I support you I know a lot of people with fertile lands and all they need to plant which will cost nothing or little but prefer begging for foods

  5. We are not lazy oga emir, the people looting our common wealth are they hardworking? . An average Nigerian is not lazy

  6. We are in the modern age, and can no longer farm with hoes and matches and expect bountiful harvest. How much has government spent on mechanized farming before blaming it on the poor Nigerians

  7. This is the most careless comment of the yrs.....How else will a man work hard? We stay in the office for 12hrs spend 3/4hrs in Lagos roads,sleep for 6/7hrs.All for 18000 minimum wage that does not buy a bag of rice.....Which other time do we have left to work hard? CALLOUS

  8. Resign from the throne and get a job in order to prove that you are not lazy! Ignorant monarch! Your people from the north are the poorest Nigerians, and if they were not lazy they would not refuse to travel to Europe to wash dishes, toilets and corpses like Southerners do. Gbam!


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