Sweet Ways Married Couples Can Spice Up "Things"

by Funmi AkingbadeOne of the major regular complaints of many married spouses is the fact that either they no longer enjoy their spouse as they should or they noticed their spouses are not as interested in s*x as they used to. Or one thing or the other has crept into their relationship and the s*xual desire has flown out of the window.

 In today’s article and the weeks following, we shall be looking at some neglected ways each spouse can get his or her partner aroused and bring back the old flame...

One of the best ways spouses can get each other aroused, stay aroused and always look forward to the next time of s*x is to help each other achieve a good org-asm. In 1953, a well-known therapist defined org-asm as “an explosive discharge of neuromuscular tension.” Although, there are other definitions, most of the time, the word, ‘tension’ is recurrent. This suggests that s*xual inter-course is a normal activity between couples, which they engage in for utmost satisfaction.

But beyond this, a lot of incredible things happen in the human body. For a man or woman to experience a sizzling and burning orgasm, the heart pumps faster while the individual breathes heavily to fuel the muscles. Then, hormones such as endorphins and oxytocin send instant messages about this s*xual activity to our brains and other sensitive parts of our bodies. In a jiffy, blood is pumped into our geni-tal regions to create the tension that ultimately triggers a pudenda reflex (this is a muscular spasm of the geni-tals). 

The immediate reflex results in our pel-vic floor muscles, contracting between five and 15 times at 0.8-second intervals. This is the wonder of the org-asm that we experience!

S*xual therapists have made it clear that org-asm experience helps to burn out some amount of fat around the heart tissues and neural pathways in the spine.

The most prominent and sensitive female organ that could trigger orgasm anytime there is s*xual activity is the cli-toris. This organ is about two inches above the vaginal opening, located in front and above the opening of the urethra (urine outlet).

It is the most s*xually sensitive part of the female reproductive organ; it becomes slightly enlarged and erect in response to s*xual stimulation. This is called the female ‘s*xual trigger.”

Most married women do not experience org-asm because their husbands hardly take quality time to lovingly and gently caress this organ during fore-play. Sufficient stimulation of this organ during fore-play produces the orgasm experience in nearly all women.

However, it should be noted that this must be done with utmost care, as many husbands had, in the course of caressing the cli-toris, inflicted untold pains on their wives. What is expected of such husbands is merely a feather touch caressing, or better still, using their tongue or hands to stimulate the organ, which produces org-asm within a twinkle of an eye. Unfortunately, in most parts of the African continent, this wonderful structure is usually removed or mutilated during female circum-cision. 

The question remains; why are some women finding it difficult to experience org-asm?

The answers are not far fetched. Apart from the fact that the organ had been mutilated, some husbands are not doing justice to it during fore-play or penetrative s*x.

Many married women are eager to know the best and easiest way to reach org-asm. A particular wife told me in confidence that her family doctor advised her to engage in more org-asm oriented s*x so that she could handle the medical challenge she has been battling with. She said the doctor told her that regular s*x was vital to maintaining high oestrogen level in women, which invariably helps to maintain bone and cardiovascular health.

Two … As it is widely known, s*x has many advantages. But regular org-asmic s*x has much more. Not only does it help one’s confidence, self-esteem, vitality, strength and energy, it also has concrete health benefits. On the other hand, regular s*x without orgasm, especially for a woman, may leave her unsatisfied and disinterested in s*x. In fact, the reason why some women are so disinterested in s*x is because they have not experienced the blissful release that comes with org-asm.

A resident of Ajah who was one of the respondents to a questionnaire stated, “More than anything, I love to make sure that my wife achieves org-asm every time. If I do not see or hear her scream and pant wildly, then, I do not feel good.”

Another man from Abia said, “The s*xiest thing my wife does is that she tells me what she likes in bed. While I usually reach org-asm in a matter of minutes, it could take her 20 minutes to get there.” 

He went further to describe his wife as a star athlete in bed.

Mrs. E.V from Ikeja also said she experiences org-asm when she meets her husband in unusual places in the house. “And whenever this is going on, I whisper romantic things into his ears that leaves me gasping for breath within the twinkle of an eye...”

On her part, Mrs. M.R. of Sango said varying positions helps her to achieve org-asm.

Couples, one of the ways you arouse each other is in the look you give one another. This is because glances could generate an exchange of s*xual energy. 

Women, dressing seductively could eventually get your husband fired up s*xually, even though he would pretend initially not to notice.

A wife that is serious about winning the attention of her husband ought to keep a s*xy kit handy.