S*x Workers Protest After A Client Killed One Of Them

Commercial s*x workers in Mombasa, Kenya, are holding demonstrations protesting mistreatment by clients after their colleague was allegedly murdered by a client at the weekend.

The lady was found dead by workers who came to clean the room last Saturday. Her colleagues said they last saw her entering the hotel with a man the previous evening. 

Used condoms were recovered from the room as police opened a probe into the incident. Mombasa DCI boss, Jacob Kanake, said several people including the club's managers, are being questioned over the murder.

He said they are tracing the man said to have been with the lady before her body was found.


  1. see trouble! ashewo na person pikin and sister and mother so please treat them as such abeg

  2. Hassan Aderemi04 April, 2017 19:52

    They were protesting & still covering their eyes, it implies they knew their job is dirty & highly risky, imagine open your legs for any man, including a strangers you don't know their health status.

  3. They help in reducing crime like rape so they should be paid after service. Am not supporting prostitution.

  4. Oladimeji Seun04 April, 2017 22:47

    They still have the gut to come out.shameless idiot.

  5. Yeye dey smell..


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